After a Crime

It is common for victims of crime to have a very wide range of emotions and feelings in the aftermath of a crime. Anger, fear, frustration, shame and sadness can feel overwhelming at times. It is important to recognise that these emotions are normal after a traumatic or shocking event. Usually, these feelings do not last. People are very resilient and can cope with and recover from the effects of even the most serious crimes.


Below are some ideas of things that may help when you are recovering after a crime.

  • Give yourself time and be kind to yourself.
  • Spend time with friends and family and do things that you enjoy.
  • Take time out to relax, slow down, and bring a sense of calm to your life.
  • Talk about your feelings with someone you trust.
  • Avoid doing anything that places more stress on you.
  • Avoid making any major life decisions immediately after the crime.
  • Walk, ride your bike, or take other exercise as it can help to bring down stress levels.
  • Consider safety measures that you can take to help you feel more secure and minimise the risk of something like this happening again.
  • If you are feeling very upset and unable to concentrate or sleep, it may be helpful to talk to your GP.

The Effects of Crime

Crime affects everyone differently, but there are some effects that are commonly felt by people regardless of the nature of the crime.

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Impact on Children

It is very difficult for a parent to see their child suffer. Unfortunately, children are affected by many of the same crimes as adults.

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Many crimes can have a serious financial impact whether it be the theft of valuable items, medical bills or loss of earnings. There are a few ways for victims to receive compensation after a crime.

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Impact on Older People

Older people are less likely to become victims of crime but when it happens, it can have a significant negative impact.

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Get Help Now

The Crime Victims Helpline is a listening and support service for victims of crime in Ireland. We provide time and space for victims to talk about their experiences. We also answer questions about the criminal justice system and help victims understand their rights.

Support Services

If you or a friend or family member has been impacted by crime, there are a number of organisation in Ireland who can help.