Support Services

If you or a friend or family member has been impacted by crime, there are a number of organisations in Ireland who can help.


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Probation Service Victim Services Unit

Phone: 01 817 3600


Le Chéile (Southwest)

Phone: 01 214 4350

Le Chéile provides a dedicated restorative justice service for young people.


Cornmarket Project (Wexford)

Phone: (053) 915 5817

The Cornmarket Project supports those who have come into contact with the criminal justice system, people in contact with the Probation Service, those with criminal convictions, ex-prisoners and those with substance misuse related issues.


Restorative Justice in the Community (Midlands)

Phone: 067 41565

RJC aims to provide ways of dealing with the aftermath of crime that are more satisfactory for victims of crime, more constructive for communities and society and more re-integrative for offenders.


Restorative Justice Project (Northwest)

Phone: 085 163 6687

Through restorative justice conferences and victim-offender mediation, RJP aims to address criminal offending in a way that takes the needs and feelings of victims into consideration.



Phone: 083 008 6391

Doras provides specialised support to migrant and refugee victims of human trafficking, domestic abuse, racism, and hate crime


MOVE-Men Overcoming Violence

Phone: 065 684 8689

MOVE provides Domestic Violence Perpetrators Intervention Programmes for men where they are challenged to take responsibility for their abuse and to change their attitudes and behaviour and develop respectful, non-abusive relationships.


Phone: 01 671 5311


Irish Prison Service-Victim Liaison Officer

Phone: 043 333 5100

Victims can register with the Victim Liaison Officer to be notified of any significant developments in the management of a perpetrator's sentence.


Phone: NA

Report suspected illegal online content including child sex abuse images, racist and xenophobic online content, non-consensual sharing of intimate photos, and financial scams. Reports are only taken through their website.


ASSC. Accompaniment Support Services for Children

Phone: 083 018 5501

Advocacy and support for young people and their families/carers as they navigate the criminal justice system.


Dublin Rape Crisis Network National 24-Hour Helpline

Phone: 1800 778 888

Freephone helpline for survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape.


Community Law + Mediation

Phone: 061 536 100

Free/affordable legal advice/representation, advocacy and a mediation service


Restorative Justice Strategies for Change


Supports the development of restorative justice in Europe by co-creating national strategies


Restorative Justice Services (Greater Dublin Region)

Phone: 01 672 4446

Provides restorative justice programmes


Irish Tourist Assistance Services (ITAS)

Phone: 01 666 9354

Support and assistance to people visiting Ireland affected by crime



Phone: 1 800 454 454

Advice and support offered to tenants


RTB Residential Tenancies Board

Phone: 0818 303 037

Information provided on landlord/tenant rights and responsiblity


Get Help Now

The Crime Victims Helpline is a listening and support service for victims of crime in Ireland. We provide time and space for victims to talk about their experiences. We also answer questions about the criminal justice system and help victims understand their rights.